News Industry


74th General Assembly
Oct 19 to 22
Salta, Argentina


WHEREAS the economic crisis that is affecting many countries of the region, added to the challenges of digital transition and the new business models, has had a serious impact on news companies

WHEREAS the problems that particularly harm the industry also come from political, legislative, judicial, economic and social factors, among others

WHEREAS campaigns of financial suffocation of the media are being launched, in reprisal for the information that they publish and their journalistic investigations, and on occasions there are applied measures of discretion in the handling of official advertising

WHEREAS the economic crisis, aggravated by the international price of newsprint and other supplies, as well as the reduction in official advertising makes increasingly difficult the sustainability of the newspapers' traditional business model, at the same time as digital news continue without offering a viable financial alternative

WHEREAS especially in Venezuela the panorama for the independent media is heartbreaking and in 2017 there ceased operating 51 media outlets

WHEREAS the IAPA statutes establish among their objectives: "Constantly promote and protect the general and specific interests of the press".


to express solidarity and the commitment to encourage alternatives that counteract the negative effect concerning the sector

to make a call on all parts of the industry to exert a more active sense of solidarity that enables confronting the news media crisis jointly and in the search for alternatives and solutions.