IAPA Midyear Meeting, March 29 to 31, 2019, Cartagena, Colombia
WHEREAS the Argentine Congress has been debating a new legal set of rules for the financing of political parties and electoral campaigns, a critical tool in the search for a transparent, informed and balanced democratic debate

WHEREAS within the framework of the discussion of those rules there has been brought to light the central role that is played by the news media that come up with professional journalistic contents, as such inputs for political debate and generators of information for the people

WHEREAS in recent times far-flung democracies around the world have experienced new phenomena, such as massive campaigns of intervention and misinformation in electoral periods, facilitated by anonymity and the handling of personal information typical of the business model and digital platforms and social media

WHEREAS said phenomena are beginning to be taken by public institutions both national and international, including Legislative Branches of various countries and bodies, such as the European Parliament, that have carried out investigations into these conducts

WHEREAS it is important that in dealing with these problems there not be affected the citizens' right to freedom of expression nor that there be restricted people's and institutions' right to disseminate their opinions through all the tools available in the digital environment

WHEREAS in the light of what has been exposed there results outstanding the initiative of the various political benches of the Argentine Congress to establish criteria of balance among news media, social networks and digital platforms at the time of distributing online advertising in electoral campaigns, with the objective of favoring a full, informed and quality democratic debate.

WHEREAS the IAPA Salta Declaration on Principles of Freedom of Expression in the Digital Era establishes in its Article 2 that when making decisions regarding the Internet, the viewpoints of all actors must be considered, and in its Article 12 that actors in the digital ecosystem must avoid abusive practices that may impact on competition, innovation and the free flow of information.


to express its satisfaction with and recognition of the various political blocs of the Argentine Congress for the intention of the initiative that seeks balance, in the bill for a law on political and electoral financing, in the space of the digital news media with that of the platforms and social media in electoral campaigns

to urge the national senators and representatives to give approval of said bill, which amounts to an important precedent at an international level to favor a balanced digital ecosystem that enables a democratic electoral debate and one based on information of quality.