BOLIVIA The Bolivian government July 5 passed a new electoral law containing provisions seen as harmful to freedom of expression and free enterprise enshrined in the constitition. The law limits campaign advertising in the media and rules on rates that may be charged. Its article 102, under the title "Maximum Advertising Space," stipulates that "electoral propaganda will be limited to no more than four pages weekly for each party or political alliance, in the case of newspapers of national or statewide circulation; to 10 minutes daily of television spots on each national, state and local channel; and to 15 minutes daily of airtime on national, state and local radio stations," Article 106, on "Establishment of Rates," says that "the media is required to register its rates with the state electoral tribunals. The rates shall not be higher than those in effect for commercial advertising prior to the elections, must be registered immediately after elections are called, and will remain in effect until 10 days after the elections. The national electoral tribunal will decide the corresponding penalties for any violations."