APPRECIATION WHEREAS • the Inter American Press Association held its 46th General Assembly in Kansas City, Missouri • our hosts provided a hospitable and frieridly environment, especially Edward Seaton, IAPA President and his wife Karen; The Kansas City Star; Hallmark Cards, Inc. (Univision); Lawrence Joumal-World; Montgomery Publications,lnc.; Omaha World-Herald; st. Louis Post-Dispatch; Scripps Howard Broadcasting; Seaton Newspapers; Stauffer Communications, Inc., The Tulsa Tribune; Universal Press Syndicate, and The Wichita Eagle (Knight-Ridder, Inc.) • we were graciously invited to dinrer at the homes of the following community leaders: Mr. Don H. Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Bates, the Honorable: and Mrs. H. Michael Coburn, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Hale, Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kemper, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Richard C.King, Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. George Powell, II, the Honorabie and Mrs. Charies H. Price, II, Mr. David Stickelber, Mr. and Mrs. Michaei T. White • we were offered the opportunity to attend interesting and stimulating round-table discussions led by distinguished experts in their fields • Vladimir F. Zaemsky, The First Secretary, Embassy of the USSR, Washington, D.C.; Michel Camdessus, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund; Jeffrey Sachs, economist, advisor to governments, and Galen L. Stone Professor of International Trade, Harvard University; Am. James H. Michel, Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, U.S. Agency for International Development, Washington, D.C., and John Jay Taylor, of Mission 1987-90, U.S. Interest Section, Havana, Cuba, provided insightful talks on hemispheric politicaland economic matters of great interest to IAPA members • the 21 leaders of the round-table lunches opened windows on worlds of fact and fiction for our members • George Benge, creative director of The Sun-Sentinel of Ft. Lauderdale, Evelyne Overmiller of The Library of Congress and Lesbia Varona of the University of Miami Library cooperated to produce the commemorative display of Cuban newspapers • Graphic Systems-Rockwell International graciously hosted breakfast during the General Assembly for all members and guests • Los Angeles TimeS-Washington Post News Service generously hosted the reception for the closing luncheon • the 46th General Assembly of IAPA has by all account been a resounding success, professionally and socially for members, friends and supporters THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES • that the President, Officers, Directors and Members express their deepest gratitude and appreciation to all who have contributed to the successful work of IAPA at its 46th General Assembly.