WHEREAS there continue to be shut down 34 radio stations (2009), television channel RCTV and RCTV Internacional WHEREAS the inventories of newsprint, ink, plates and other essential supplies continue to be reduced for not being able to have access to Cadivi foreign currency WHEREAS access to sources of information and restrictions on entry to government offices and official events by reporters with independent media is increasingly difficult WHEREAS in Venezuela there continues to be a lack of punishment in cases of attacks on journalists and news media WHEREAS journalists, employees and owners of news media are being threatened and are outside of Venezuela forced to exile WHEREAS that the electoral process with a view to the July 2013 elections demands respect for the integrity of journalists and guarantees the abilty to report with freedom on everything that occurs in this process WHEREAS Principle 1 of the Declaration of Chapultepec states “No people or society can be free without freedom of expression and of the press. The exercise of this freedom is not something authorities grant, it is an inalienable right of the people” WHEREAS Principle 2 of the Declaration of Chapultepec states “Every person has the right to seek and receive information, express opinions and disseminate them freely. No one may restrict or deny these rights” THE IAPA MIDYEAR MEETING RESOLVES to call upon the authorities of Venezuela to show full disposition towards and tolerance of the free exercise of freedom of the press and to facilitate access to Cadivi foreign currency for the purchase of printing supplies to ask the government to guarantee human rights and freedom of information, the life and integrity of journalists, their colleagues and their equipment. to urge the government to provide access to sources of information, especially during this critical time relating to the upcoming electoral process.