IAPA and Marfeel become partners to provide a free mobile solution to IAPA members

Marfeel is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that provides a progressive web-app, an out-of-the-box solution for Google AMP and Facebook Instant articles as well as native apps for both iOs and

Miami (November 23) - The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) announced an agreement with ad tech company Marfeel to offer to all publishers a free mobile solution that will help boost page speed, performance metrics and increase mobile revenues.

Marfeel is a progressive web-app that will get publishers to a page speed loading time 10X faster than the industry average (download is within less than a second), benefiting from an increase of mobile traffic coming from SEO, and through Marfeel's "dynamic ad placement dealer" and "floor-price optimization" publishers content and ads will be optimized in real time to get the highest revenues and the most appropriate fill rates of the industry.

IAPA President Matt Sanders, general manager of Deseret Digital News, Salt Lake City, Utah, stated that as part of the ongoing effort of the IAPA to deliver extraordinary benefits to its members, "we are now offering insights from thought leaders, and connections to true digital solutions to help them in their digital transformation".

Considering the slow page speeds, poor user engagement, high bounce rates and poor revenue that some publishers may be experiencing, SIP has accepted to recommend members to test Marfeel's UX & Monetization solution.

Working with Marfeel does not require any change to the normal workflow of the newsroom, no additional increase to the workload of the newspaper and no
development is needed.

Some of their existing partners include Time Inc. in United States of America, Dennis Publishing in UK, PrenSmart in Perú, El Confidencial in Spain, Prisma Media and the international magazines National
Geographic and Elle in France, etc.

Marfeel's contact e-mail is [email protected]