CHILE Analisis magazine columnist Alfonso Stephens, and Andres Lagos, editor of the newspaper El Siglo, remain under arrest awaiting trial by a military tribunal. A warrant was issued for the arrest also of El Siglo reporter Guillermo Torres. Amilisis editor Juan Pablo Cardenas, who had been detained, was released in mid-October. The military justice code includes "crimes of opinion" regarded as offenses against the armed forces. Although President Patricio Aylwin promised on taking office to ask Congress to repeal this provision, his request has been held up in the legislature. Confusion exists, as another bill concerning military justice has been introduced. It seeks to maintain military jurisdiction over certain "crimes of opinion," but provides for lower penalties. Incipient terrorist activity is seen in increased assaults and threats. Que Pasa magazine editor Roberto Pulido was threatened with death by alleged members of the Manuel Rodriguez Front. Other journalists have been similarly threatened. The Journalists Colegio has sought to reestablish obligatory licensing through a constitutional reform, now being intensely debated in Congress, which would be part of a new comprehensive education law. The law would include journalism as one of the professions that would require a university degree. It would restrict the practice of journalism to university graduates. Presidential press spokesman Federico Willoughby has used his official position to try to influence some members of the press concerning a complaint he lodged against Qué Pasa unrelated to his job. He ordered some television stations to rectify certain news reports they had broadcast.